A Brief Word About Our Three Organizations
A large part of the overall "look and feel" of this website is due to the highly-valued input from
                       Ms. Dorothy Albert of St. Louis, MO  ....  THANKS, DOROTHY!
We consist of three (3) Veteran Groups which meet at the same location:  Alexandria National Cemetery, in Alexandria, VA.

We joined together in 2004.

--  VFW Post 609 originally met at their old Post Home on Prince Street in Old Town Alexandria.

--  VVA Chapter 917 was actually formed at this location.  The VVA Chapter has been, unfortunately, officially closed, effective date:  March 9, 2013.  Whether or not it reopens, nobody can tell as of yet.

--  American Legion Post 1775 formerly met at Fort Belvoir, but with all the new security enhancements since 9/11/2001, it has moved its Post Home to this location.

Almost all of our activities are done together.  By doing this, we have a greater influence with veterans' programs.  We believe that this "many-in-one" method actually increases our effectiveness.

Since we meet on federal property, there is no alcohol either served or allowed on the premises.  Feel free to contact whichever group you desire by using the appropriate E-MAIL address of that particular group.

ONE MORE IMPORTANT NOTE:  This site does not place any "cookies" on your computer, nor does it track which page or pages you view.

If you have any questions, or might be interested in joining one--or any combination of our 3 active units, feel free to contact us!
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